In California, property owners install iron fences for their aesthetics and strength. These fence installations provide adequate security and prevent possible property invasions. The installations are also long-lasting. The following are FAQs about installing an Iron Fence Temecula.

Do All Decorative Fences Contain the Same Materials?

No, some iron fences aren’t constructed of iron alone. They include galvanized steel to provide support for the heavier materials. Select models are also treated with a pre-coating that offers rust protection. The construction materials may also affect the overall price for the fencing.

Can Property Owners Acquire Custom-Built Fencing?

Yes, custom-built fencing is available for all property owners. A common request for these new installations is pet doors to allow them to travel in and out of certain areas of the property. These doors help the homeowner keep their pets safe without restricting them to smaller areas of the property.

Is There a Code Requirement for Iron Fences Around Swimming Pools?

Yes, the fence must be at least forty-eight inches above the ground level. It must face in the opposite direction than the pool after installation. The bottom section of the fence must be at least two inches from the ground level. This requirement applies to inground pools only.

What are the Requirements for the Posts?

The iron posts that support the fence must be buried into the ground at least twenty-four inches. This measurement allows ample support for the installation and prevents it from falling. It will prevent the fence from becoming dislodged and resulting in property damage.

What is Electrocoating?

It is a coating used to prevent the potential for electric shock. It is used on iron fencing that is placed around swimming pools and bath facilities. This paint is required for all commercial and public facilities that provide access for outsiders to swim in their pools and use their facilities.

In California, property owners utilize iron fences to increase security around their homes and businesses. The fencing provides additional features to prevent criminals from climbing over them and accessing the property. Owners who wish to install an Iron Fence Temecula contact Mesa Fence Co. or Browse Site for further details today.

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