Policyholders of Medicare seem to have questions about the changes that are always occurring with the complicated insurance plan. Some of these questions arise about the various parts of Medicare supplements that are offered. This article will address the questions that people have about the part of Medicare that handles prescription drug costs. Medicare Part D is that part of the plan that policyholders need to take care of the costs of their prescription medicines. An insurance agency that offers Medicare Part D Plans in Macon GA answers some of these questions frequently asked.

•Who qualifies for Medicare Part D coverage? Anyone who has Medicare can qualify for the Part D coverage. This would include those who are at least 65 years old, U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Those people are under 65 can qualify if they have certain disabilities and diseases, such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or End-time Renal Disease.

•How much will Medicare Part D cost? The answer to this question will vary according to what the policyholder prescription drug needs are, which plan the policyholder is in, and if he or she can get extra help to offset some of the costs of Medicare Part D. Other things to be considered in the cost are the monthly premiums, the annual deductible and any co-payments or co-insurance that may be required.

•What if one’s spouse has adequate prescription drug coverage at the job that covers me? This situation will require one to look to see which coverage offers the greatest benefit, and also see if by having Medicare Part D, one’s spouse benefits might actually be negatively impacted.

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