A septic tank failure can cause a homeowner many problems, and the cost of repairs can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. To ensure that your septic tank functions properly at all times, contact a reputable company for Septic Tank Maintenance Services in Magnolia TX. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about septic tank maintenance and why it’s so important.

Q.) What does a septic tank company do during a maintenance check?

A.) When performing maintenance services on a septic tank, a technician will first pump and clean the inside of the tank. After pumping it out, the technician thoroughly inspects the tank. The technician also examines the plumbing system in the home and inspects the connections that lead to the septic tank. Finally, the technician inspects the drain field and looks for signs of improper drainage. If necessary, the technician may run a small camera through the sewer pipes to look for obstructions.

Q.) How often should a homeowner call a qualified company for septic tank maintenance?

A.) The frequency of a maintenance check by Septic Tank Maintenance Services in Magnolia TX, depends on the size of the tank and how many people live in the house. When one or two people reside in the home, a septic maintenance check is required every four years. A 1500 gallon septic tank that’s used by a family of four or more requires the services of a technician every one to two years.

Q.) What are some tips that a homeowner can follow to keep the septic tank working properly?

A.) To make sure that a septic tank lasts as long as possible with minimal issues, a homeowner should follow a regular septic tank maintenance schedule. In the home, family members can help by not flushing anything down the toilet except approved toilet tissue. Household members should also refrain from pouring grease and chemicals down the sink drains.

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