Homeowners who have a septic tank on their property can usually count on the tank lasting around 20 years before it needs to be replaced. In addition to age factors, some septic tanks may need to be replaced because they’re malfunctioning. Read the frequently asked questions below to find out additional information about Septic Tanks Removal in Orlando FL.

What are some of the causes of a malfunctioning septic tank?

If a homeowner notices constant wetness on the ground around their septic tank, this is an indication the tank is leaking. In addition to the standing water, there will also be a sewage odor that’s very noticeable around the drain field. If damage has occurred to the septic tank, it will have to be replaced by a professional technician. It’s not uncommon for septic tanks to become damaged by tree roots that tend to grow inside the pipes of a septic system. If there are several large trees around the area of the drain field, homeowners may want to consider removing the trees or relocating the existing septic system and installing a new tank.

Are there additional reasons why a septic tank should be removed from the property?

In addition to tank damage, professionals also frequently replace septic tanks if the current tank is too small. Normally, a septic tank should be pumped about every three years. Homeowners who have frequent problems with their drain field may need to have their tank pumped more frequently. Another solution is to have the current tank removed and a new, larger tank installed. This problem often occurs when a family grows or additional people move into the home. A small septic tank that works efficiently for one or two people cannot keep up with the demands of a full household. To remedy this problem, a professional who specializes in Septic Tanks Removal in Orlando FL will have to take out the old tank and install its replacement.

Homeowners in the Orlando area who need to have their septic tank removed and replaced should contact the professionals at ACME Environmental. Visit their website at Aesseptic.com and contact the company for a free estimate for their services.

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