The greatest majority of people dream of owning their own home, building one from the ground up to your own specifications enhances the dream many times over. One of the overlooked importances of home building rather than purchasing an existing home is the fact that you can fulfil your dream whatever it may be. Opting to build a custom designed home takes far more time than buying a house that already exists so it is important to fully understand the process.

A custom home is just that, a home that has been designed and constructed exclusively for the owner and to the owner’s unique specifications. Often, the home is constructed on a plot of land that the owner has pre-purchased for the express purpose; however, many custom home builders have land available as well in areas that they are developing.

Custom built is not a misnomer, perhaps however custom design is. Many custom built homes are built from an existing design which has been modified by an architect, others are designed from scratch. For those that are not satisfied with a set of modified plans they must engage an architect that is fully familiar with the local codes and building standards that are demanded by the jurisdiction in which the home will be built.

Another overlooked importance of home building is the owner’s ability to choose, not only the design, the materials, the interior fittings, etc, but the builder. Needless to say, if you buy an existing house you have no say; even if you buy a new house in a development you rarely have a voice in who will build it. When you opt for a custom built home you can select from a host of different builders, compare one to the other; you can compare prices against the completed design, the construction timetable can be extremely important to buyers and the builders reputation for high quality construction and attention to detail.

A bespoke home is an ideal way to get everything you have ever wanted in a home; with an existing house there will always be several drawbacks. Of course, deciding to build from scratch means you have decided to live with the time needed to build the home but the time that is needed to construct a home to the exact demands of the buyer will pay dividends, not only is the house perfect in design, everything in it is brand new, up to date and in perfect working order.

The major overlooked importance of home building is the fact that the home will meet your exact specs, not the specs of a previous owner. To bring your dreams to fruition you are invited to contact Riches Homes & Improvements.

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