Outside of cavities, gum disease is one of the most destructive oral health concerns. It is crucial people seek treatment as soon as possible so they can avoid massive tooth loss. Prompt treatment can often allow gum disease to be reversed so it does not cause massive damage to the smile. With Gum Disease Treatments in Wichita KS, a person’s smile health can be fully protected.

The signs of gum disease include:

• Redness and irritation in the gum tissue

• Swelling in the gum tissue

• Pain and pressure in the gums

• Foul odors coming from the mouth

• Pus drainage coming from the gums

• Tooth loosening

• Root exposure

If a person begins experiencing redness and irritation in their gum tissue, it is important they seek Gum Disease Treatments in Wichita KS. The dentist will check the gums and carry out a deep gum cleaning procedure to remove the plaque that is found under the gums. The dentist will also give the patient a special medicated mouth rinse. This rinse will help to heal the gum tissue and stop any infection before it progresses and causes damage.

When a person does not seek immediate gum care, they can develop periodontal disease. This progressive disease can cause major damages to the teeth because the roots become exposed. As pockets of infection develop, the body works to bring the condition under control and ends up inadvertently attacking the supportive structures of the teeth so they become loose.

Treatment for periodontal disease is more involved than in earlier stages. The dentist will treat the condition with oral antibiotics and thin strips of antibiotics that can be placed down in the gums. The dentist may also need to treat the gum tissue with laser surgery to reduce the inflammation.

If you feel you are in need of gum treatments, it is important to seek them right away. Visit  so you can learn more about the dental services they provide. With proper treatment, you can be rid of your gum disease and protect the health of your smile. Call them so you can schedule your consultation appointment to get started.

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