When individuals place their loved ones in nursing home facilities, they expect them to receive a high level of care so their medical, physical, and emotional needs can be addressed. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes provide a high level of care. It is imperative individuals are aware of the signs they need to look for, so they will know if their loved one is suffering Nursing Home Neglect in College Park.

Both physical and verbal abuse and neglect can occur in nursing homes. These signs are often present:

  *   Bed sores

  *   Unexplained injuries

  *   Frequent agitation and emotional upset

  *   Rapid weight loss

  *   Unsanitary conditions

  *   Poor hygiene

  *   Wanting to be isolated

  *   Fear of speaking when staff are present

  *   Heavily medicated on a frequent basis

  *   Frequent illness

  *   Soiled bed sheets

It is important for individuals to realize the differences between nursing home abuse and Nursing Home Neglect in College Park. Although they are equally vile, it is important to know which is occurring so an individual can properly protect their loved one and seek the proper channels to make sure the abuse or neglect stops. Abuse is considered to be intentionally inflicted and results in physical harm or mental anguish.

Neglect is a failure to provide a person with the care they need. The neglect may be intentional or not and can result in potential dangers to the resident, including injury, anxiety, and even death. Individuals need to make sure they visit their senior loved ones on a regular basis, making both announced and unannounced visits. If an individual sees any of the above signs present with their loved one, it is imperative they seek action right away.

Those who have suffered abuse and neglect from nursing homes can be represented by an attorney to help them ensure the nursing home facility and its staff are held properly accountable. It can be difficult pursuing a lawsuit for Nursing Home Neglect in College Park but having an attorney makes the process easier.

If you feel your loved one is suffering from neglect or abuse, contact the Jaklitsch Law Group. They will be happy to schedule you a consultation appointment with the attorney so you can find out about your legal options.

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