Do Your Garage Doors Have Broken Springs?

There are a number of things that can go wrong when a garage door breaks. When the door to your garage begins to work oddly, you may wonder which part is the problem. The following may be among the signs that indicate your garage door springs in Melbourne, FL have broken.

Jerky or Incomplete Operation

Sometimes after the springs break, your garage door will continue to open and close, but will do so in a jerky fashion. The door may stop after opening partway and refuse to continue its operation. If you see these signs of broken springs, it is best to call a professional immediately. Continuing to use the door could cause further damage. Garage door springs are also under a great deal of tension, which can make it difficult and dangerous to fix it on your own.

Bent or Warped Door

There are a number of risks when you experience broken garage door springs in Melbourne, FL. One of the risks is that the top of your garage door could become bent or warped while trying to open. If your door seems to be operating strangely and you notice that it appears to be bent or is hanging crookedly, consult an expert right away.

Signs of Spring Problems

If you are nearby when your garage door spring breaks, you may hear a loud pop or bang due to the very high level of tension in them. You may also notice that the springs do not look normal. Depending on the type of spring you have, you may see problems such as loose cables or visible gaps in the spring itself.

Fixing Broken Springs

Have you seen or heard indications that your garage door springs in Melbourne, FL have broken? If so, contact a professional as soon as possible. An expert can help get your home and garage back to normal. Browse the website for more inforamtion.

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