There are quite a few reasons to choose oil for heating a home, rather than converting to some other fuel source. However, heating oil companies also realize that homeowners like choices and want to know their options. Sorting out the facts about oil vs. natural gas can be beneficial in making a decision regarding whether or not Home Heating Oil in Groton CT should be used. Some facts about home heating oil are highlighted here.

Supplies of Heating Oil are Plentiful

Oil reserves and the petroleum reserves around the world are now higher than they ever been before. If there is a shortage somewhere else in the world, it will not adversely affect the U.S. This is because the U.S. is not dependent on imports from other countries for their supply of home heating oil. In addition to not having to worry about there being a shortage of Home Heating Oil in Groton CT, those who choose this fuel option can also set up automatic delivery for their home. This means they will never have to worry about being without heat.

Heating Oil is More Affordable than Natural Gas

For the past 22 years, home heating oil has cost less than natural gas. Unlike oil, natural gas is also considered a non-renewable fossil fuel and with more and more people using natural gas around the globe, the cost is eventually going to go up. Also, if a homeowner currently has a heating oil system in place, it can be quite costly to change to natural gas.

Heating Oil is Considered a Clean Fuel

Modern heating oil produces virtually zero emissions. Also, the latest heating oil system technologies actually reburn the fuel, which lowers the emissions even more. This makes it a clean heating option that is also extremely efficient.

Home heating oil is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. This is due to how affordable, available and eco-friendly it is. For homeowners who may still have some questions about this fuel source, they can learn more by taking the time to Get additional info here. Being informed and educated about the various options that are available can help anyone find the right fuel source for their needs.

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