Laser cutting is a relatively new technology, with the first laser cutting machine dating back to only 1965. Its primary use is in industrial manufacturing, as these powerful lasers are capable of cutting through thick metal with amazing precision. But, as the technology becomes more available, laser cutting is becoming more popular among small businesses and hobbyists as well.

The companies specializing in industrial Laser Cutting Auburn WA have produced use computer controls to direct these high powered lasers in cutting pre-designed patterns into metal. These lasers work by focusing energy via mirrors and fiber optics into a beam of light less than .32 mm in diameter. The beam is then focused directly at the surface of the metal, which is burned or melted away, leaving a precise edge. This precision and the ability to custom design patterns allows skilled metalworkers to cut both flat sheets and curved materials such as piping.

In comparison to more traditional mechanical cutting, laser cutting is easier and creates less contamination to the material being worked on. Unlike the parts used in mechanical cutting, laser beams don’t wear down or create large heat affected zones.

Most cutting machines use Co2 lasers. These are quite versatile, with the ability to cut, bore, or engrave most materials. In a different context, these lasers are also used for welding. Industrial machines come in three configurations. Moving material machines utilize a stationary laser, which the metal is then passed underneath to achieve the desired cut. Flying optics lasers do the opposite; the metal is placed on a stationary table, and the laser beam is what moves. Hybrid machines use a combination of both, moving the table along one axis and the laser along another. An experienced professional will be able to help you determine what laser cutting technology will be necessary to achieve the best results depending on the specifics of your project.

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