Materials for construction projects, landscaping, or putting a new pool in the backyard can be difficult to get from the supplier to the site location. Large contractors may have a dump truck to transport gravel, sand, rocks, or dirt, but many smaller companies do not. Getting masonry sand in Austin, TX delivered, can make a big difference in time savings for a contractor, or a do-it-yourself couple trying to build their own retaining wall. Delivery service for landscaping materials in smaller quantities is not available everywhere. Utilizing trucks of varying sizes means the supplier can accommodate a small project, as well as a large one, without charging a fortune. It also makes it easier to get small loads into tighter spaces, like the side or back yard.

Masonry sand in Austin TX is mixed with other materials to make individual bricks, or to be placed into a frame of sorts. Once the material hardens, the frame is removed, and the result is a free-standing wall, bench, staircase, or whatever was created. Using the sand rather than standard bricks provides freedom to make odd shapes, or experiment with size and style. In addition to masonry sand, concrete, bank, and manufactured sand is also available. A wide selection of other materials is also available, such as decorative rocks, crushed limestone is different sizes, loam, fill dirt, black dirt, and a special compost dirt that the supplier has made for forty years. Specialty mixes for gardens and flowers are also offered. Free quotes are provided upon request.

Experienced suppliers, like Loftin Material, for example, realize that removing excess materials after a project is completed can pose a problem for some contractors, construction companies, and landscapers. They provide debris removal and material hauling services for both residential and commercial projects. The left over debris is disposed of responsibility, and dirt, sand, or rocks are recycled. It can be difficult to gauge how much dirt, for example, it may take to fill in an area around a new deck. Decorative rock for a walkway or driveway can spread farther than originally thought. Rather than having a pile of rocks in the yard, have it removed so the family can fully enjoy the new pathways through the yard.

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