Many doctors’ offices who are looking for solutions to their after hour handling of patients calls choose to use automated answering services. There are several reasons why this is true. Here are some of the facts about how answering services for medical office work and how they can be an asset to any medical practice.

  • Weed Out the Real Emergencies – automated answering services are designed to be more effective at weeding out the non-emergent calls and only sending the doctors the calls that truly are an emergency. The calls that are not a pressing concern will be held until the next business day. This allows the doctors to be able to enjoy their time away from the office without being disrupted by after hour calls that do not need immediate attention. Human operators are often swayed by emotional callers that may not be presenting a true emergency and page the doctors needlessly. They also may fear that they will miss a call that is a real emergency so they put through calls that could have waited until business hours.
  • Cut Out the Middle Man – some medical offices erroneously think that using a live person to answer after hours’ calls makes the patients happier. The reality is that patients have no interest in talking to untrained personnel who answer the phone when the person they really want to talk to is their doctor. Using an automated service is actually much more efficient and gets the calls that need attention to the doctors faster than with a live answering service.
  • Get Real Facts, not Second Hand Information – when a call is received using a live answering service the operator will take down the information and then later deliver that information to the doctor. The problem with this is that sometimes the information passed along is not complete or the operator may inadvertently leave out something important. When using an automated service, the doctors get the message in its entirety right from the source. There is never any need to worry about missing information in the shuffle.As you can see using an automated answering services for medical office is better for the patients and better for the doctors. By getting the needed information directly from the patient to the doctor it saves time and money and helps make the patients feel more secure knowing that they will always be able to reach the doctor with their complete message when they need to.Are you ready to switch over from a live operator to an automated one? Visit our website at to learn more about our answering services for medical office.
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