Strong storms with high winds can easily damage the roof of your home. The high winds can cause tree limbs to rub against the roofing, causing damage that can affect the integrity of the material. The winds can also cause shingles to lift, curl, and be blown off the roof.

Inspecting the Roof

You should have your roof inspected after storms with damaging winds or hail or if debris has fallen onto it. Instead of risking your safety, you should call a professional roofing company to inspect the roof for you and provide an estimate for repairing any damage that they find. With many severe storms, there is often need for shingle roof repair in Salinas, CA.

Signs of Damage

Even before the roof is inspected, you may spot signs of roof damage on the ground. Shingles from the roof may be broken on the ground or you may notice granules from the roofing material on the ground near the gutter spout. These signs mean that you should obtain an estimate for shingle roof repair to prevent the damage from getting worse and allowing rainwater to seep into your house.

Estimates for Replacement

After damaging storms, some roofs may need to be replaced so you will want to get more than one estimate for replacement. Avoid getting estimates from roofing companies that approach you about repairs because the company may not be legitimate. If you want to ensure that you hire a local company, contact Roof Time in the Salinas area.

Always ask for and carefully read any roofing estimates that you get, whether they are for shingle roof repair or roof replacement. Ask questions about the estimate if you have concerns and compare the estimate to the final bill to make sure that everything was completed as promised before paying a roofing company for the repairs.

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