Dental extraction in Chicago is a common procedure that is usually simple and normally isn’t something to worry about. There are multiple reasons for getting your teeth removed. Your teeth can be crowed, your wisdom teeth could be coming in and there isn’t any room for them, a tooth, or multiple teeth, could be decaying, the tooth could be way out of line and there isn’t any way to fix it or cosmetic reasons. These issues can be extremely painful and need to be checked out immediately. Without medical attention, these could evolve into more complicated issues that could require even more complicated procedures to fix the problem.

Steps Before Getting Your Teeth Removed

Before getting a dental extraction in Chicago, the dentist will do a thorough evaluation of your medical records and drug records to make sure that it is safe to continue with the procedure and also to make sure that you can get anesthesia. They will also take an X-ray to see if there are any other problems that can cause complications with the procedure. Right before you go into the surgery, you will normally be given a pill or shot that numbs the area so that you won’t have any pain during the procedure.

After Getting Your Teeth Removed

After you get dental extraction in Chicago done, there are some things that you can have done. Normally when you get your teeth removed, your dentist or oral surgeon will prescribe you pain medication since most teeth removal is painful for a few days after the procedure is over. After a few weeks, you will have a follow up with your dentist so that they can check up on where your teeth were removed and make sure that there were no complications and that there are no infections. If everything is going well, and depending on which teeth were removed, you usually have the option to get teeth implants or dentures.

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