Living in the greater Chicago area has its benefits; great shopping, plenty of cultural activities, top of the lines sports teams and much more. The downside is winter, the temperature can drop to sub zero very quickly and the wind off the lake only makes it worse. A serious problem in climates like this is frozen pipes in Northbrook IL.

The greatest majority of homes use a form of plastic; it can be PVC, PE or CPVC. Regardless of what it is, it does not like direct heat, if you were to attempt to thaw the pipe with direct heat you are going to end up with a far worse problem, one that can only be tackled by a plumber.

How to deal with a frozen water pipe:

Not all frozen pipes actually burst but when one does it is because the water in the pipe has expanded when it froze, this puts undue pressure on the pipe. The problem may only be a small leak at a joint; it might also result in a crack the full length of a section of pipe. The damage caused by burst pipes is one of the major causes for claims on homeowner’s insurance policies.

It is not difficult to find a frozen pipe that is exposed in your home; this is not the case if the pipe is hidden behind a wall. If water does not flow from your faucets and the toilet doesn’t refill after flushing these are good signs that you have trouble.

Thawing the pipe:

Although a careful homeowner can thaw the pipes, there is a distinct possibility that once the frozen section has been thawed, water will rush out of any cracks or broken joints. Like most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it and a plumber is best suited to deal with frozen pipes in Northbrook IL.

If you find that you have frozen pipes in Northbrook IL  the best idea is to call a professional plumber that has the tools and skills to thaw the pipe properly and deal with any damage. You are invited to call Reliance Plumbing, Sewer & Drainage, Inc. or visit for more information.

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