Many people who’ve lived in the city all their lives have never walked along a river, or hiked the hills of their state. Not that there’s anything wrong with dwelling in the city, it’s just that they may never have skipped a smooth flat rock across a lake or river to see how far it would go. They may have never walked in the mud and sand of a clear, cool river that’s calmly flowing to their city.

It’s when they move into the suburbs and start a family that many homeowners get to know the names of certain rocks, sand, and gravel, they’ll have placed around their gardens. They’ll love the feel of the mulch and topsoil flowing through their fingers when they plant their gardens.

To get a birds eye view of the sand and gravel companies deliver, log on to They can bring in loads of sand and mulch to homeowners all over the state, plus install the gorgeous unilock pavers in Connecticut. They have worked with countless home and business owners who’ve ordered specialty sands, from septic sand, to sand for playgrounds. They also believe in saving the environment like so many other companies in the area. They know that constantly taking, without putting back, will deplete the Earth of its natural resources.

Even a road can be newly constructed with recycled asphalt that’s crushed to create a product known as “milling.” By crushing the old asphalt, sand and asphalt companies can sell this recycled material to companies that construct new roads. This is a phenomenal saving to construction companies, and to the environment. What person wouldn’t also want to use topsoil made from composted leaves collected from his/her immediate area?

unilock pavers in Connecticut are growing in popularity. They’re available in many different colors and can be installed around man-made brooks, swimming pools, driveways, and walkways. They’ll last for years to come, and offer a modern, yet traditional look, to any home or business. The pavers can also be placed to precisely delineate the homeowner’s property line.

For a new homeowner wanting to create a beautiful lawn, sand and gravel companies will haul in any type of stone they want, even the type of stone that’s skipped across the waters of the nearest river, or a special sand from the bottom of it.

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