Going from Broke to Gold

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Shopping

Are you looking to sell your old jewelry? Is it just sitting there being neglected? Or maybe you just need some extra cash. You can make money selling jewelry if you do It properly. There a few steps you will want to follow before selling your jewelry.

Cleaning and Preparing

Before anything else, you will want to clean all your jewelry to ensure that it looks its absolute best. After cleaning your jewelry as best as you can, you will want to make sure none of it is broken. While some places will accept jewelry that has scratches, broken chains, or missing stones, you will most likely get less money. Once you have cleaned all the jewelry that you plan on selling, you can go and get it appraised.

Getting Your Jewelry Appraised

Many places will appraise your jewelry for little to no cost to you. Try to find a professional appraiser, and not someone who runs a small pawn shop. Once you have an appraisal, you can decide what an acceptable amount is for your jewelry. Please remember that you might not receive the full amount that your jewelry was appraised for.

Getting Ready to Sell

You can always sell your jewelry online; either from a website or from a mobile application on your phone. While selling online can be easier, it can take a lot longer. If you choose a site that requires you to ship the jewelry somewhere instead of selling locally, you can possibly wait even longer to receive your money.

You can also choose to sell your jewelry at a shop that buys jewelry. There are a lot of jewelry buyers in Chicago that are willing to haggle a deal with you. If you choose to sell it to a store, you can check out a few different stores to see who will pay you the best deal. Although this can take a little more time than selling online, you will receive cash right away when you sell.

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