It is natural to look up when a sudden infestation of bees begins on a property. After all, hives are generally located in trees or along the eaves of homes. This behavior is not true of all species of bees. Ground-nesting bees do exist and getting rid of this nuisance effectively will usually require a specialist.

Identifying the Bees

It may be difficult to determine what type of bee is buzzing around the home because those that build their nests on the ground will look very similar to the honeybee. Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh is often requested when homeowners begin to see damage to their yards. The nests are usually small holes with mounds of soil surrounding them. There will typically be multiple holes and mound combinations in a small area.

Avoiding Any Problems

Ground nesting bees are not aggressive and typically only sting if they are handled or stepped on. They are not the only stinging insect that likes subterranean nests, and this can cause a problem. Yellow jackets may also nest in a similar fashion, and they are much more aggressive. It is usually better to contact Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh because of this concern. One of the common DIY methods of encouraging ground bees to leave is by introducing water to their nests. This could lead to a painful outcome in the case of a mistaken identity. Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive, and water could cause them to swarm and attack.

Reducing the Risk

Contacting a company like The-Beeman will guarantee the identification of the insect invading the lawn and that effective measures are used to eliminate them safely. It will avoid stings and make the yard safe and damage-free again. The expert can also help owners with annual bee problems to find ways to make their home less appealing to the insects.

Preventing re-infestations could mean installing a sprinkler system to keep the lawn more saturated and less appealing to ground bees. Sandy sound and sloped yards with a lot of sun exposure are very appealing to this species of bee. Take the time to browse the website for more information and to schedule a yard inspection.

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