If all a gutter did was hide the fascia on your house then cleaning them would not be important, however, gutters do far more than that. Gutters perform an extremely important duty, they are in total control of all the water that lands on your roof and then dispersed around the property. If the gutters on your home are not kept clean and free from debris you can end up with some big problems and serious repair bills.

The importance of regular gutter cleaning cannot be over emphasized; leaking and overflowing gutters can cause siding damage, wash out the base under a driveway or patio, damage the roof of your home and perhaps worst of all, mold can take hold. The water overflows or gets under the roof tiles rather than be directed to the downspouts, and from there, out into the garden or piped into a storm drain.

The gutters that surround the perimeter of your home are of no use if they are full of debris or they have rotted out. If you wait until the gutters are full of dead leaves, twigs and other debris you have waited too long. There are people who have left their gutters unattended so long that there is as much grass in the gutters as there is on the lawn; gutters are not intended to be an extension of your garden.

Clogged gutters will dam up water which in turn will damage your eaves and water can get into the house, damaging walls, floors and furnishings. Insects such as mosquitoes will breed in any standing water and when the debris dries it can become a fire hazard, especially in areas where wild fires are frequent events.

There are certain factors that impact the frequency of gutter cleaning. These factors include the type of trees around the house, how close the trees are to the eaves and the shape of the roof. A house with a low slope roof line will require gutter cleaning more frequently, the same is true if the trees are deciduous as they lose their leaves.

If your home has deciduous trees within ten feet of the eaves you probably will need to have the gutters cleaned twice a year. If you don’t have trees close to your house don’t think that gutter cleaning is someone else’s problem and not yours. Birds are notorious for dropping debris and the granules on asphalt shingles break loose and fall to the gutters.

Gutter cleaning is extremely important if you want to protect your home from water damage. Arrasmith Window & Gutter Cleaning is the top-ranked service in the Bay Area; they will welcome your call.

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