Damage from hail can prove to be very destructive. Golf ball to softball-sized hail, or hail that measures one inch to four inches in diameter, can have a devastating impact, especially if it is accompanied by strong or gusty winds.

How a Hailstone Is Formed

Hail, itself, or the cause of hail damage repairs in Greensburg, PA, is a large and frozen raindrop that is created during extreme thunderstorms in which both rain and snow co-exist. When hail hits a home, it may cause considerable damage to the siding, roof, and gutters.

How Hail Can Damage a Roof

Companies, such as Disaster Restoration Services, remediate and repair the damage that is caused by hail, or other disasters, such as fire or flooding. If hail causes damage to asphalt shingles, it may create bruising or soft spots that are not immediately visible. Impact from hailstones also loosens the granules that cover the top surface of a shingle. In extreme cases, hail will break through a shingle’s felt matting and expose the fibers.

Inspecting Hail Damage

In addition, hail damage repairs may cover damage to the home’s venting systems. If damage occurs to the roof vents, then there is a good likelihood that the shingles have been affected as well. If you are filing an insurance claim, then you may consider having the hail damage inspector review your roof, gutters, and other parts of your home along with the insurance adjuster.

Bruising Produces Dark Spots

Hail damage repairs for bruising often are done to replace shingles that feature dark spots, where the granules are absent and the asphalt underlayment or fiberglass mat is exposed. A new hail hit will cause the roof to display a shiny look as the asphalt has not had time to weather to a dull color.

Choose an Experienced Contractor

When your insurance is paying for restoration work, the bid amount is not important, as long as it is equal to or less than the estimate made by the insurance company. In most cases, homeowners only pay the deductible. Therefore, the cost will be the same. Therefore, your choice of a contractor must be based on the overall experience and reputation of the storm damage repair and restoration company. Click here for more details about the hail damage repairs in Greensburg, PA.

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