Getting to the doctor for an annual checkup is not all that difficult, but it seems as if there are a million reasons to put off a trip to the Dentist in Port St. Lucie. Doing so is not in the best interests of the patient. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to pause for a moment and make an appointment today. Here are some examples of why a dental checkup should not be put off any longer.

Taking a Look at the Enamel

All sorts of things can cause enamel to wear. The thing to remember is that once the enamel is gone, there is no way to replace it. By choosing to see the Dentist in Port St. Lucie twice a year, there is the opportunity to monitor the condition of the enamel and determine if any damage is taking place. If so, the dental professional can provide tips on how to slow down the process.

Looking for Signs of Decay

At the dental visit, the dentist will be on the lookout for any signs of tooth decay. There does not have to be a large cavity to catch the attention of the dental professional. While examining the teeth, even the smallest speck will be found. This is important since it provides the dentist with the opportunity to repair the damage before things can get worse. Thanks to this early detection, the odds of being able to keep the tooth for decades are much higher.

Cleaning the Teeth

Even people who take the time to brush after every meal and use floss a few times a week will need a teeth cleaning at least once a year. The cleaning removes residue that brushing will often miss. The cleaning is not just about keeping the teeth looking great and getting rid of residue that could cause decay. This process also helps to promote gum health.

For anyone who has not seen a dentist in some time, Contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart today and arrange an appointment. After that first visit, go ahead and book a follow-up appointment to take place in a few months. Getting back into the habit of seeing the dentist regularly will go a long way toward keeping the teeth healthy and avoiding most of the more common issues.

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