When water is noticed leaking inside of a home, the roof is usually the suspected area needed repair. Water would most likely not be able to get into the home if the roof was completely intact. To find a roof leak, a company that does Roof Inspection Melrose Park will need to be called to look for the area needing repair.

There are several spots that may need repairing on a rooftop. The company will first take a look at the gutter system. If there is an abundance of debris clogging the gutter system, water will pool up around the matter and make its way underneath the bottom layer of shingles on the roof. This can be alleviated by cleaning the gutters appropriately. The service may do this work for the homeowner, or they can tend to it themselves if desired. The downspout should also be checked to make sure it is free of obstructions.

If the gutter is not the culprit, the roofing service will do a visual inspection of the shingles on the rooftop. If there are areas where shingles are peeling back from the wood, or if they are crumbled or curled, they will need to be replaced. The service will check the roofing paper under the shingles for any pinholes and seal them up with caulk if necessary. If flashing appears to be rusted, it will need to be replaced as well.

If the source of the leak is still not found, the roofing service may go into the attic to take a look at the ceiling opposite the roof. Any watermarks or blackened areas would be clues as to where water is getting in from the other side. They may bring a garden hose up to the roof and have the homeowner watch for leaking inside. When water drips, they will know they are close to the area needing repair.

When a homeowner needs a Roof Inspection Melrose Park, they can call a reputable roofing contractor in their area. Making the call will allow them to ask about rates and tips in finding the leak if necessary. Contact to get a Free Survey!

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