Investing in professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Boise offers homeowners a number of benefits. It will improve the look of the home and extend the life of the carpet. However, perhaps the biggest benefit is how this simple cleaning process can improve the health of those living in the home.

If there are members of the home who suffer from issues with asthma or snoring then, according to the American Lung Association, it is crucial to vacuum the carpet at least three times weekly. In addition to vacuuming on a regular basis, it is also beneficial for a person to invest in professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Boise annually. Some of the specific benefits offered by this professional service can be found here.

Eliminate Trapped Pollutants

According to the EPA, carpet that is dirty can hold on to a number of sources of indoor air pollutants. This includes everyday dust and dirt, particle pollution, lead, cockroach allergens and pet dander. Toxic gasses can adhere to these particles and become trapped in the carpet, as well.

When someone walks over the dirty carpet, the toxic gasses are released. This contaminates the air in the home. However, with professional carpet cleaning services, this bacteria is eliminated for good.
Eliminate Dust Mite Infestations

There are some homes that have dust mite infestations; however, many homeowners are not aware they are present. This is because these creatures cannot be seen with the naked eye. While dust mites themselves are not considered allergens, they can leave behind waste particles and fragments of their body that are allergens.

Due to the microscopic size of these items, they are often inhaled when the area is disturbed. This can aggravate a number of allergic conditions. With professional carpet cleaning services, these particles can be eliminated.

Dust mites, dust, dirt and other particles do not belong in the carpet. However, in many cases, a traditional vacuum will not be able to remove them all. This is why it is so important to contact the professionals at Servicemaster Clean on a regular basis to have the carpets professionally cleaned. This will ensure all dangerous particles are removed and that the home is healthy.

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