It’s a fact, that the mineral composition of soils of the last several decades is not in any way comparable to the depleted soils of today. Nutritionists for years have vouched for the fact that these mineral and nutrient deficiencies have adversely impacted the population’s health. The body has a standard need for specific vitamins and minerals, and the produce grown is ideally produced to meet those specific needs.

Unfortunately, the ideal is not what farmers and home gardeners are facing in modern times when growing the crops to sustain their families, and the general population. Measures must be taken to meet these nutritional needs, and to balance what is lacking. Either the produce grown will contain what’s needed, or there will be a dire need for nutritional supplementation for the body to be healthy.

A successful vegetable garden cannot be acquired without the fundamental support of nutrient enriched soil. Even in the very beginning of the pioneer days, the inhabitants back then learned one of the fundamentals of successfully growing crops was crop rotation. Crops can be greedy to leach all the vital nutritional ingredients specific to their growing needs from the soil, to guarantee the survival of the fittest.

Crop rotation then became standard, in order not to lose any vital nutrients that would ultimately be lost, from repeatedly growing the same crop in the same area. Though the soil’s composition has changed, the need for crop rotation still remains.

Each type of vegetable and fruit has different needs to grow and thrive, and to ward off certain diseases and persistent pests. Depleted soil leads to weakened fruits and vegetables, and ultimately to a loss in sustenance and viability as nutritionally dense foods.

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