There are wide range of benefits to using heating oil. There are also many myths concerning the use of it. Here are a few facts about heating oil provided by a Heat Oil Company Watertown MA.
  *      Oil supplies have never been more abundant. The United States has no need to rely on foreign imports for heating oil.
  *      In most locales, heating oil is cheaper than natural gas. Since natural gas is non-renewable and the demand is growing, the price will only rise. Heating oil faces no such fears of shortages and dramatic price increases.
  *      Heating oil is a very clean burning fuel. New technologies are even being developed that will be able to make heating oil even more cleaner. This is counter to the extremely high methane content that natural gas provides.
  *      Systems that use heating oil have an incredibly long life. If the system is properly maintained, it can last for 30 years or even longer. Natural gas systems only have an average life 11 years.

  *      The recovery rate of a hot water heater is very quick. This means that a hot water supply provided by a heating oil powered system will hardly ever run out for an extended period of time, relieving much stress and inconvenience on the home front.
  *      Service disruptions are very rare with heating oil. This is because the supply is stored independently. Any sort of pipeline accident will not have an effect on the immediate supply.
  *      Heating oil is very safe. It cannot even ignite until it reaches 140 degrees, whereupon vaporization takes place. If a flaming object was dropped into a container of heating oil, it would extinguish just as if it was dropped into a container of water.

To learn more about the benefits of heating oil, or to inquire about purchasing a supply, contact a reputable Heat Oil Company Watertown MA such as . They have vast experience in the industry and can guide the consumer through every step of the way. Why to continue on wasting money on inefficient and costly natural gas when heating oil is safer, cheaper, and more reliable.

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