It seems that as many people that are getting married are also getting divorced. With divorce comes a lot of excess baggage to deal with. One of the things to deal with is who will get custody of the child or children. In the past, it used to be automatic that the children would remain with the mother, but times have changed. The decision can go either way. What will help to make the difference is to have a good attorney who can help his or her client get custody? An attorney who handles child custody in Suffolk County NY has information to help potential clients.

When it comes to child custody, there are two kinds of custody that must be dealt with: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody determines where the child or children will live, while legal custody decides which parent has the right to make important, critical decisions in the life of the child or children. To get custody, the parent wishing to seek it should apply for it in family court. If the parent cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed by the family court.

It is the court that will ultimately decide who gets custody of the child or children. This is based on several elements, including who is the primary caretaker of the child and with whom the child currently lives. Other factors may include the living conditions in the home. For example, is there drug use or alcohol abuse in the home? Does the child get along well with other occupants in the home? These things will be taken into account as a factor in deciding what’s in the best interest of the child.

Patricia Issberner is an attorney in New York who has been dedicating her 18 years of legal experience towards helping children and their families. Her law firm focuses on divorce cases, family law, and matrimonial law. Interested parties can get these services in either Smithtown or Suffolk County, New York. If anyone is interested in getting helpful information from an attorney who handles child custody in Suffolk County NY, the law firm can be reached by visiting the website, Once there, browse to where it directs you to “Click here.”

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