Cleaning an area rug can be a little difficult, especially if the rug’s care has been neglected. The type of cleaning method and cleaner one uses will depend on the materials the rug has been made of. Properly cleaning a rug on a regular basis will help to prolong its life, prevent fading, and protect the pile so it does not become matted. These tips can help people with the chore of area rug cleaning in Manhattan.

These steps will help to ensure an area rug is properly cleaned and maintained:

• The first step a person will need to take is to make sure they thoroughly vacuum the rug on both sides. Most people neglect to vacuum the underside of the rug, which can become matted with dirt and debris. If one has a fringed or highly ornamental rug, it may be beneficial for them to use a handheld model so they can avoid too much suction damaging their area rug.

• Washing the rug is the next and most crucial step in the process. One will need to use a gentle cleaning solution that is made specifically for area rugs. It is important one checks in an inconspicuous area to test for colorfast issues. Using a sponge, gently work the detergent into the fibers, working in small areas. The detergent will need to be rinsed away, using small amounts of water and then the carpet will need to be carefully dried to ensure as much moisture is removed as possible so mold growth does not occur.

• There are special rug brushes that can be used to loosen the rug fibers and prevent them from becoming matted. It is important a person is careful in this process so they do not cause damage to their rug.

Although one can take a DIY approach to area rug cleaning in Manhattan, many people feel more comfortable leaving this chore to the professionals, especially if they have an expensive area rug. If you are in need of rug cleaning services, Contact The Golden Horn. They will provide you with the area rug cleaning services you are in need of to ensure your rug stays beautiful.

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