If a worker is hurt on the job or they become sick because of a hazardous work environment, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Though damages available under worker’s compensation law are typically limited to lost wages and medical expenses, a Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT can help a client maximize his or her claim and recover more than the average settlement. Although there is no guarantee of a higher award, an experienced workers’ comp lawyer will do everything possible to protect the employee’s rights. In this guide, readers can learn which damages can potentially be covered under state workers’ compensation laws.

Lost Wages

If an employee is unable to remain at work because of the injury, they are entitled to receive a weekly check from the workers’ compensation board.

Medical Bills

Workers’ compensation covers the cost of injury-related medical treatment. In some cases, a victim may be reimbursed for the cost of travel to and from medical appointments.

Disability Pay

Depending on the nature of the condition and its expected duration, a worker may be eligible for disability pay until they’re ready to get back to a normal working life. If the person’s disability is permanent, they will likely receive an award as a lump sum.

The Cost of Vocational Rehabilitation

If a disabling condition keeps the worker from returning to his or her old job, workers’ compensation might pay for training in a new line of employment.

Impairment Awards

A work-related impairment may be permanent or temporary. Monetary awards for irreversible injuries to the shoulders, neck, and back may make the victim eligible for additional benefits.

Extra Benefits

Under Title 21, an injured worker may be eligible for additional benefits. These can substantially increase an award in cases where a party other than the employer caused the victim’s injuries. A Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT can explain these rules and determine whether they apply to a particular case.

The legal office of McVeigh Skiff LLP has a focus on workers’ compensation law, and the team is committed to helping injured employees get the compensation they deserve. If a person’s damages include lost income and medical bills, they can call the office or visit the website to get in touch with a member of the legal team.

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