Statistically, well over 70 percent of all initial applications for SSDI and SSI are denied. The first step in the appeals process is a request for reconsideration, once again the statistics are not favorable, about 88 percent continue to be denied. The request for reconsideration is only the beginning of a long drawn out process and a SSI disability attorney can help you prepare for the subsequent levels, improving your chance of success.

One extremely critical factor as you go forward with the appeal process is irrevocable medical evidence which supports your claim. The attorney can and will help with gathering this evidence as well as getting the opinion of those doctors and therapists that have been involved to date, all of this will be directed towards establishing your impairment.

Even those who engage an SSI disability attorney early in the process may find that they will have to have a hearing before an administrative law judge in order to gain approval for benefits. When the case gets to the point where the next step is a hearing with the administrative judge this is when having a seasoned attorney can really help. No attorney can guarantee that he or she can win your benefits but what the attorney can do is to make sure your case is put together and presented in such a way that it stands the best chance of success.

Although there is a lot of information available on Social Security disability claims, the truth is that very few, if any, laypersons have enough skill and knowledge to properly prepare and present their disability claim for a hearing. An SSI disability attorney on the other hand is intimate with the rules, policies, regulations, procedures and laws and knows how to apply this knowledge. These attorneys have had considerable experience with administrative law judges; they know what the judge will be looking for to substantiate the disability as well as knowing what questions can be expected.

An SSI disability attorney does not charge a fee; they work on contingency and only get paid if they win the case. Under these circumstances it is easy to understand why the attorney will work hard on behalf of the client. The attorney takes on the responsibility of tracking down medical records, test results, opinions from doctors and experts if necessary and applies his or her thorough understanding of the Social Security rules in an effort to have the client granted his or her benefits.

An SSI disability attorney cannot guarantee that a client’s application for disability benefits will be approved but they can guarantee they will apply all their knowledge and skill in working toward a successful outcome. You are invited to discuss the details of your case with our Law Firm.

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