In Florida, all pet owners are held at a higher standard. They are required by law to mitigate risks associated with their dogs. This includes preventing access to the dog and stopping it from attacking anyone. If the pet owner fails to provide these provisions, they can become liable for any injuries that are sustained. The following are details about how a Personal Injury Law Firm in Hollywood FL handles dog attack cases.

Review the Victim’s Injuries

The attorney reviews the victim’s injuries. They need conclusive evidence that shows that a dog attack produced the injuries. In some cases, it is necessary for the doctor to acquire a sample of biological evidence left in the victim’s wounds. This evidence allows the attorney to pinpoint the exact liability of the pet owner by identifying their dog as the attacker.

Determine if the Animal was Reported

After all dog attacks, a medical doctor is required by law to report any injuries produced to the animal control officer. The animal control officer will issue a notice to the pet owner. The pet owner must present the officer will an updated vaccination record for the dog. If the owner doesn’t possess these records, the dog must be surrendered to a licensed vet for a 12-day quarantine period.

Acquire Any Quarantine Results

The attorney can subpoena the records from the animal control officer. If these findings determine that the dog is a risk to the public, the attorney can include certain requirements in the claim. If the victim’s injuries are more severe than average, the attorney can request euthanization for the animal.

Identify Any Previous Attacks

If the dog was involved in other attacks, the owner is held at a strict liability. They are required to pay all medical expenses and damages for the victim. They must also provide compensation for pain and suffering.

In Florida, pet owners must follow any laws issued for dogs. These laws are in place to lower the risk of an animal attack. This includes regular vaccinations to prevent the spread of rabies. Victims who need the services of a Personal Injury Law Firm in Hollywood FL can Click Here for more details.

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