Most landlords understand the important of keeping good tenants happy. Doing so results in reliable tenants renewing their leases from one year to the next and ensures a steady income for the property owner. One of the best ways to keep tenants happy is to hire a property manager who understands the need for tenant service. Here are some examples of how the manager will ensure tenants get the service they deserve.

Prompt Attention to Repairs
The water heater in the upstairs unit burst. Along with a frantic call from the tenant in that unit, the tenant in the unit below is calling because water is running out of the ceiling and down the wall. Something has to be done quickly, so the property manager jumps into action. A plumber is dispatched at once to find the right valve to cut off the water supply to the broken heater. At the same time, someone arrives to assess the damage done by the leak. In the best case scenario, a new water heater will be in place the following day, and any cosmetic damage to both units will be repaired.

As a bonus, the property manager will go above and beyond the essential Tenant Service and ensure that the interior sections of the walls are dried out. This will help prevent the development of mold, something that could cause serious problems later on.

Time to Update an Apartment
The usual procedure is to inspect a unit when a tenant moves out and see if there is the need to paint or replace the carpeting. That is great, but what about the tenants who remain in the units for several years. They also deserve some attention. The best property manager will track how long it has been since each unit was repainted or had new carpeting installed. That makes it possible to touch base with the tenant and see if the individual would like new carpeting or a fresh color for the walls.

For landlords who want their tenants to receive the best possible support, visit today and check out the range of services provided. Once the team is taking care of the property, the tenants will never have to wonder when and if an issue will be addressed again.

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