In Hawaii, criminal defendants have two options for obtaining release from county lockup. They could pay the full bail value, or they could acquire a bail bond. The value of the total bail requirement determines what option is most affordable for the defendant. Bail Bonding Companies in Oahu provide an opportunity to acquire bail without paying the full value.

The Bonding Process

The bonding process begins with the discovery of the defendant’s name, booking number, and the jail in which they are held. The bonding agent needs this information to gain access to the defendant. Next, the defendant or a party representing them provides payment to the bonding agent. The payment is a percentage of up to fourteen percent of the total bail assigned. Once the payment is provided, the bonding agent visits the court to arrange for bail for the defendant.

Potential Collateral for a Bail Bond

The most common collateral used for a bail bond is real estate, jewelry, and automobiles. However, a defendant could use the balance of a checking or savings account for these purposes. The defendant or their representative must provide the deed or title for the property. For accounts used as collateral, they must provide an account and routing number.

Attendance at the Arraignment

A bonding agent could attend the arraignment to negotiate bail for the defendant. While the bonding agent isn’t a legal representative. They have the right to negotiate on the defendant’s behalf. If the defendant doesn’t possess any previous convictions, the agent could reduce the total value of the bail through these opportunities.

A Failure to Appear

At any time that the defendant doesn’t appear in court, a warrant is issued. This warrant allows for the immediate arrest of the defendant. When this happens, any properties used as collateral are seized.
In Hawaii, criminal defendants could achieve release from jail through a bail bond. These bonds reflect a portion of the complete bail value. They present a more affordable choice for these defendants. They also allow for the opportunity to provide collateral for the bond.

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