Many people don’t realize the bail system was originally created to ensure a criminal defendant showed up in court. The purpose of Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA was to allow the arrested individual to get out of jail until it was time to go to court. However, prior to getting a bail bond, it is important to fully understand how the bail bond process works and what is required of the person who is paying the fee.

Evaluation of Risk

The initial step in the process of obtaining Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA is for a friend, lawyer, or family member to contact a quality bail bond company and provide some general information. This information includes:

  *     Where the person is being held in jail

  *     How long they have been in jail

  *     The charges against them

  *     How long they have lived at their present home

  *     Where they are currently employed.

These are questions that are used by the bail bond company to help determine what risk is involved with providing the requested bail bond. In some cases, this will also affect the amount that has to be paid for the bail bond.

Documents Needed for a Bail Bond

If the bond is successful, the individual who is applying for the bond will need to fill out and also sign certain documents. In most cases, the documents required include the application for the bail bond, the indemnity agreement, and a receipt for the payment provided.

Posting the Bail

After the paperwork is filled out, the bail bond agent is going to go to the location where the person is detained and post their bail. This is what initiates the person’s release. For any quality bail bondsman, this is a process that is only going to take a few hours. However, bail cannot be posted until the arrest and the booking process is finished.

No one wants to be in a situation where they need to be bailed out of jail. However, this situation may arise from time to time. More information about the bail bond process and what to expect can be found by visiting the website.

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