We are social creatures by nature, and because of this, we are very aware of the way that we look to others. When we feel badly about the way that we look, it inevitably affects the way that we relate to ourselves and other people. This can have devastating results. Hair loss is one of the biggest causes of such low self-esteem, but the good news is that treatments are available that can help to reverse it.

A Better Way to Treat Your Hair Loss

A medical spa in Westport, CT is about a lot more than just feeling good. Typically, a medical spa is about scientific treatments, such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), that produce measurable outcomes. For hair loss, PRP treatment is a growing industry and can help both men and women feel good about themselves.

During the PRP procedure, a measure of the patient’s own blood is extracted and the put into a centrifuge to separate the blood plasma from the red blood cells. This protein rich plasma solution is then re-injected into the sites on the scalp where hair loss is occurring. This protein rich plasma then stimulates hair growth naturally. Businesses such as the Dolce Vida Med Spa offer this kind of service.

The Benefits of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

So, what are the benefits of this treatment when it comes to hair loss? Consider the following:

  • A completely natural treatment that uses the patient’s own blood plasma,
  • Rapid treatment sessions, quick recovery, and minimal discomfort.

What is fascinating about PRP therapy is that it can also be used in other areas of the body to produce benefits. By using the body’s natural powers of growth and regeneration, PRP therapy offers many benefits and offers both men and women a way to look good, feel younger, and feel better about themselves. Click here for more details about the professional medical spa in Westport, CT.

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