Your roof is one of an essential parts of a business building to protect. After all, just as a lid on a jar helps protect the contents of that jar from damage, your roof exists to protect the contents of your business from the elements. A fluid-applied reflective membrane system that is customized to your roof type and needs can help you confidently maintain your roof’s integrity. As well, cost benefits make this coating an very desirable element to your building’s overall protective system.

Why had Waterproof Roof Coating?
The installation of waterproof roof coating is very important for keeping keep water from infiltrating your building and causing costly water damage that can potentially amount to thousands of dollars. Commercial buildings that have flat roofs especially require properly done waterproofing, as flat roofs collect water than can easily seep into the building below.

Coating Benefits
A fluid-applied membrane system that is installed properly can provide a watertight solution that is strong and dependable. A waterproof roof coating on your roof can also help decrease what’s known as the heat island effect through decreasing ambient air temperatures. Other benefits of this type of system include the fact that it can improve the reflectivity on the surface of your roof as well as decrease the cooling loads on the interior of your building and thus reduce your energy costs. Keeping energy costs low or, at least, reasonable is very important for any business owner.

System Characteristics
A top-quality coating on your roof additionally has the potential to protect your roof substrate from extra weathering or oxidation, therefore extending your roof’s life and saving your company money in the long run. The right coating will lead to minimal business disruption while it is being applied as well. You will notice that a well-done coating will even improve the aesthetics of areas of your roof that are visible, which will make your building even more professional looking in the eyes of visitors. With the right waterproof roof coating, you can keep your building’s structure and contents safe inside no matter what the weather is like on the outside.

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