When a homeowner contracts with a Flooring Company in Lawrence KS for new hardwood or laminate flooring, certain preparatory steps will be necessary. The homeowner may be responsible for removing everything from the designated rooms that would be in the way of the installation work. Some companies, however, have the installation technicians help moving heavy furniture or give them the entire responsibility for clearing the rooms. In that case, the homeowner must make sure nothing is going to get broken when furniture is moved around. That means taking down china and glassware from hutches, for example, and removing breakable figurines from bookshelves that stand on the floor. Homeowners also should disconnect electronic equipment before the technicians arrive.

Often, a Flooring Company in Lawrence KS needs to drop off the materials the day before the work is to begin. A representative will call to schedule a convenient time to do so. The workers should have a clear path from the doorway to the rooms where the flooring will be placed so they can easily bring the materials in.

When the technicians arrive to start tearing out the previous flooring and putting in the new material, everyone should stay out of their way. Adults probably understand this, but they have to make sure any kids in the house don’t pester the workers and try to traipse through the room. Dogs, cats and other pets should also be prevented from getting into the work areas.

This isn’t only to make things more convenient for the technicians from a company such as Capital City Flooring Inc, but because there may be safety hazards as the work is ongoing. For instance, the workers may use saws to cut the material, so it fits properly. Much of this work is done outside, but they may need to do some inside as well. Toddlers and pets might be overtaken with curiosity and get into adhesive substances. Another consideration is that workers will probably need to go in and out of the house, and they can’t watch for companion animals and toddlers trying to get out the door.

Following these guidelines will streamline the flooring installation process and reduce the stress that can come with any home improvement project.

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