Who doesn’t enjoy a good hearty laugh? Many people love to laugh to help relieve their stress. While other people are extremely satisfied when they can tickle someone’s funny bone. Whether you want a serious career performing improv in a comedy club or looking to enhance your skills. A class in improv at a Chicago comedy school can provide you with the information required to fine tune your comedic abilities. Whether you are funny or not there are various benefits to gain from taking an improv class.

Benefits of Improv

  • You will learn how to think outside of the box and push your comfort zone. This can help increase your confidence, especially when speaking in front of a large group.
  • Students become yes people when they step outside of their comfort zone by learning how to say yes and continue the act by providing more information for the audience.
  • It will help you think quickly on your feet, this aspect can be used in various places outside of the stage. From your home to work, improv will help you think faster when making a decision.
  • Improv is a great way to learn more about yourself by playing different characters that may have a different view than you do.
  • It is a great way to learn how to be a better listener. When performing improv you have to pay close attention to what is being said so you know how to react when it is time for you to speak.

From the Stage to Work, Learn the Skills that can help you Grow

It does not matter if you are a skilled comedian wanting to fine tune your skills or want to learn a trade that can be used in your everyday life. A well-known comedy school can provide you with the information you require to improv your life. The Second City is not only the home to many famous comedians. They offer the classes required to learn or refine your skills when it comes to performing improv. For more information visit The Second City and also like our Facebook page.

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