If you are a business owner, then you are probably always looking for ways to save money. From improving employee efficiency to saving electricity, there are many ways you might be able to reduce costs. However, one area you may not have considered is in your employee bathrooms, where installing fast hand dryers in place of paper towels could save you a surprising amount each month.

They Are Energy Efficient

While you might believe that installing a hand dryer in your employee bathroom might take up too much electricity, many of these units only run when an individual passes his or her hands under the sensor and then shuts off instantly when the hands are removed. As a result, fast hand dryers only run for a few seconds at a time and use minimal energy.

Hand Dryers Help to Eliminate Paper Waste

If you are spending over $50 monthly on supplying your employee restrooms with paper towels, you may be able to eliminate this cost completely by using hand dryers instead. Paper towel waste can fill your bathroom’s trash cans quickly, and when extra towels are accidentally pulled out then discarded, this only leads to more wasted paper and money. A hand dryer that operates automatically can reduce daily trash volume and cut down your waste disposal bill.

Dryers Can Lead to Long-Term Savings

Because most hand dryers can last for well over a decade or more, this can add up to surprisingly large savings over time. For example, if you are spending $60 a month on paper towels and you install a hand dryer in the restroom that lasts up to ten years instead, this can lead to over $7,000 in savings over that decade. This extra money can then be invested back into your business.

Installing fast hand dryers in your employee bathrooms can offer a number of money-saving benefits. Take the time to consider all of your dryer options before making your purchase, as this can help you find the best dryer for your company’s needs.

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