Promotional items, uniforms and fun personal designs all have the same need. They require an interesting logo or other attention-getting graphics in order to be desirable. How this graphic is applied depends on what the individual wants. There are several options today including embroidery, screen printing and digital transfers. Each method offers its own benefits and has its share of limitations depending on the type of work people require. The method that works the best and offers the most benefit is usually screen printing.

Improved Image Quality

With a Screen Print in Kansas City the customer will get a clear image with vibrant colors and clarity in even the smallest details. The weight of the finished image is lighter than an embroidered project so it will produce a desirable result on a large number of fabric types without causing the material to pucker or sag.

Faster Production Time

Professional screen printing is fast and efficient. Most services offer a quicker turnaround on this type of order than even digital printing. It is a great solution for bulk orders and last minute projects.

Affordable Quality Results

Choosing to Screen Print in Kansas City does not mean selecting the cheapest option. It is one of the most affordable printing methods but the result will still be an attractive piece that flatters the original artwork.

Consistency of Work

All printing services offer consistency of the appearance of the item when it is added to the same type of fabric. Screen printing makes it possible for the graphic designs to look the same no matter what type of product is used. Advertising posters, promotional goods and clothing can each have the same exact colors, image size and details.

A good screen printing service works with their customers to give them custom items and designs that exactly match what they want. They can help to create new artwork for a project or use existing designs. Customers have the control to order as few or as many of each item as they need and all will have the same level of quality. Browse our website to learn more about what is available and to begin designing new products today.

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