Missing, chipped or cracked teeth can seriously affect the way a person sees themselves and the way others see them. People with damaged teeth tend to avoid smiling and that can make them appear unfriendly when they really are only trying to hide their imperfections. Many people delay getting this problem addressed due to the cost of Reconstructive Dentistry in Reno NV but when they weigh the monetary costs versus the social costs of not getting treatment, most people realize the value of this service and could be very surprised at how affordable it really is.

The best place to start is with a dentist who has experience in reconstructive dental work, such as Sparks Dental. This type of practice may evaluate the problem and give a few possible solutions. If the price is an issue, the dentist may be able to suggest affordable alternatives. Reconstructive procedures are generally not so expensive a person has to take out a second mortgage on their home but many do require a significant investment. However, for most dental issues, there is more than one option. For example, a patient could replace a missing tooth with an implant or a bridge. The cost of an implant is higher initially but a bridge may eventually need to be replaced. An experienced dentist may help a patient make the right decision based on their individual circumstances.

Reconstructive Dentistry in Reno NV may be able to correct problems patients have been living with for many years and have just accepted as part of their lives. After getting the treatment, these people often see massive improvements in their self-esteem as well as the way they are treated by others. The simple act of offering a warm smile when meeting a new person can have a dramatic effect on relationships and make the investment in reconstructive dental work well worth the money. The first step is to have a consultation with an experienced dentist to learn about the options available today. Many people are surprised by the number of choices they actually have when it comes to getting their teeth fixed.

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