It’s impossible to live without water, but it can sometimes be hard to live with it, too. It’s an incredibly destructive force; it can wear away stone, wash away land, and even move earth out from under a building. It can get inside a house through the tiniest cracks in the foundation and cause the wood to rot. That’s why it’s important to control the flow of water and make sure it flows away from the foundation of the house. The following are some tips for draining your roof run-off away from the house and any paved areas around it. These tips will help you avoid water drainage repair in Brandford, CT.

Check your gutters regularly and keep them cleaned out. You should check at least two times during the fall and again before spring. You also need to inspect the condition of the gutters themselves and make sure they are not sagging or pulling away from the wall. Gutters should last a good 25 years, but eventually they will need to be replaced. You might also consider gutter guards to keep your large debris from clogging them up.

Another thing you can do is add an extension to the end of your drain spout to carry the water further away from your house. You can purchase drain spout extenders at a hardware store, and they are very easy to install. Ideally, you want to route the water to a storm drain. If the drain is too far, consult with a plumber about installing a sump pump.

You can also use landscaping to improve your draining. If you have a depression in your yard, you can fill it with earth. You can also plant a rain garden in a low lying area to collect run-off, filter it, and drain it into the ground water. You might also need to grade your property to create a slope away from your house.a

Other drainage solutions include a French drain, which is a trench filled with gravel or sand that can help drain run-off away from your house, along with rain barrels, cisterns, and other water collection methods. You might also consider replacing solid concrete paving with gravel or pavers. For more information about paving and water drainage repair in Branford, CT, check out Atwater Paving.

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