An SPD Tech plays an important role in any hospital or surgical center. They are responsible for sterilizing and setting up the surgical equipment that is being used. Obviously, surgical equipment cannot be reused until it has been completely sterilized, so you will have no shortage of work to be done. This is a great way to get into the healthcare field, but what is involved in getting your sterile processing certification?

Graduate High School

Or get you GED, either way, you must have a high school degree or equivalent in order to become certified as an SPD tech. If you already have this then you can skip this step. Otherwise, you will need to get your GED before you can begin.

Take a Certification Course

There are many courses available, both online and on site. Both of these off their own advantages and disadvantages over the other, but if you are already working full time then in many cases you may not have a choice in which one you choose to take. Many people who are working and trying to further their education take online courses in order to further their education while still bringing in money from a full-time job.

Get Certified with the CBSPD

The CBSPD or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution is the board that oversees SPD tech certification. This certification is only required by law in New York and New Jersey, but many hospitals require it of their SPD techs. There is also the IAHCSMM or International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management. You can obtain one or both of these certifications, though most hospitals will accept a CBSPD certification.

The most difficult part of becoming an SPD tech is finding the time to attend classes. If you live in an area where fast courses are offered, or if you want to take your courses online then this is a great option for getting into the healthcare field.

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