You spend roughly a third of your life on your mattress. It is used daily and for long periods of time, hopefully close to the recommended eight hours that experts recommend. To get the most out of it there are some simple steps that you can take to keep it clean and last as long as possible.

The Purpose of Sheets

Sheets work to provide a layer of protection for your mattress. As you sleep, many microscopic pieces of skin, oil, and sweat are given off by your body. These can cause your mattress to break down, and it can also provide food for many different types of pests. By keeping your sheets clean, you keep your mattress from being exposed to these substances. In some cases, extra protection may be required. Mattress protectors can provide an extra layer of protection in cases of extreme perspiration or incontinence. Many of these protectors are going to be resistant to liquids or even waterproof to keep accidents from soaking into your mattress. They are also quiet discrete as these issues can be very embarrassing. A high quality mattress protector should not be crinkly or feel like plastic. It should also be almost undetectable under your sheet set.


Flipping a mattress can help move the stress points that you typically find on a mattress. You will find that you normally sleep in a similar position on your bed, and in a similar location as well. Overtime, those stress points can cause extra wear and tear on your mattress. When you flip you mattress, you move these points around allowing for extended use of your mattress. Many mattresses today have a specific top side, and flipping is not going to work. Instead mattress stores in D’Iberville, MS may recommend that you rotate your mattress 180 degrees to achieve the same effect.

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