When it comes to cleaning and saving time, vacuum cleaners are one of the most useful appliances available. An effort-saving device of this kind could cut cleaning time in half, and prevent those unexpected coughing and sneezing fits that are often caused by common household allergen triggers. With so many models, attachments and power settings to choose from, the decision can be tough. Your housekeeping duties can be made easier when you pick a vacuum cleaner with good suction power, easy maneuverability and warranty coverage. Choose a vacuum cleaner with ease by taking the following buying things into consideration when you shop for a dust-sucking device.

Energy Usage

You’d be surprised at how much energy some vacuum cleaners use. If you plan on using yours on a regular basis you should be thinking about finding a model that is energy efficient. A handheld device can be charged and taken on the move, but battery life might not last as long as a compact device. Airflow and suction should also be taken into account, but bear in mind that you may pay more for an energy efficient device. However, this investment will pay off when you consider the fact that you will be saving money each month on energy bills.

The Carpet Type

Every carpet is crafted with a different material, with some fibres being more tough than others. The tougher the fibre, the harder it is to clean, so take this into account when searching for a vacuum cleaner. Devices with upright canisters will work well for carpets crafted with knotted yarn, wool pile or twisted yarn. When it comes to cleaning silk, sisal and woven carpets, cleaners with canisters and suction tools will prove useful. Consider getting an extra soft bristle brush attachment fitted to your device if you want to clean wool pile rugs, and for twisted yarn, devices with adjustable height features will make the cleaning process much simpler.

The Cleaning Performance

The overall performance of a vacuum cleaner will depend on the model, specifications, watts and amps. The configurations can affect the water lift and airflow capabilities of each device, which is why you should think about the purpose before investing in an appliance.  Modern appliances are designed with special cyclonic technology, making them useful for all cleaning jobs. To really find one that suits you, read reviews from customers who have previously invested in appliances crafted by different manufacturers, before testing them for yourself. Most are covered by warranty so if you’re not happy, you will likely have the opportunity to exchange the vacuum cleaner for another model.

All products sold by Provac are covered by a 12-month guarantee. Contact the team on 02 9550 5800 for information about their vacuum cleaners.

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