Every year, natural disasters destroy people’s homes and livelihoods at a tragic rate. They cost billions of dollars in damages and lost wages every year. Reducing the impact of natural disasters involves preparation and planning. One natural disaster that doesn’t get the same amount of attention is termites. While they might not count as a storm or a flood, they create a truly incredible amount of damage to homes every year. They eat through wood, destroy foundations, and erode the landscape. To truly control them, you need to understand two things: what they want and how they get it.

What They Want

Like all bugs, termites in Phoenix, AZ think only about eating and reproducing. They survive by eating wood for sustenance. Obviously, you cannot eliminate wood in your home as it probably makes up a large part of your home. You can reduce the appeal of that wood, though. The wood needs to be moist for pests to consume it, so you should make sure that your gutters are draining properly and the water is being directed away from your home. Also, you should make sure that there are no holes or punctures in your walls that are allowing leaky pipes to moisten your walls for the pests. The professionals at a place such as Alliance Pest Management can help you devise more strategies.

How They Get It

Reducing the number of termites is a little more difficult than eliminating other bugs. They tend to live in trees around your home as well as in the wood of your home. You should eliminate as much wood as possible. If you have piles of firewood or processed wood, you should get rid of them. Also, you should call professionals who specialize in handling these situations. They can use healthy, safe pesticides to kill pests or drive them away. Visit website for more details.

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