When a loved one passes away, there are many plans that must be made. Funeral services and a proper burial must be arranged, relatives and friends must be contacted, and there are important decisions that simply can’t be put off. It can all be quite overwhelming at a time when those who have been left behind are still reeling from their loss. When it comes to choosing the right Monuments in New Haven to commemorate the life and legacy of the deceased, it’s important not to rush through the design process. The finished product will provide a lasting tribute to the deceased that will bring friends and relatives comfort for years to come, so give adequate thought to practical and aesthetic considerations. Answer the questions below to get started.

How Big Should it Be?

Choosing a size for a monument isn’t just about meeting a budget. It’s also a question of style and elegance. Some families or individuals might prefer large and complex monuments, while others feel that they are gaudy and find that a smaller, simpler headstone does better justice to their loved one’s memory. Size is a matter of personal choice, but also practicality. Ensure that the graveyard where he or she will be interred does not have restrictions on headstone and monument size. It’s also essential to provide a large enough flat surface to include whatever text is desired.

What Type of Stone Should be Used?

There are a few stones that are popular for Monuments in New Haven, with granite leading the pack. The most important consideration when choosing a type of granite or other stone is its color or pattern. Be sure to choose something that will do justice to any lettering or design.

What Will Be Engraved on the Monument?

Choosing what color or pattern of stone to use may be dependent on what will be engraved on it. Monument makers often choose what kind of materials to offer based on whether they will be easy to carve as well as durable. Engraving stone is always a little bit of a challenge, though, so be sure that any picture or text that is going to be included is not so complex as to make it impossible to carve. Learn more about us online, give us a call, or pay us a visit in person to find out more.

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