Adopting a dog is a major step, as it is welcoming a new member into a family. One of the biggest struggles that pet owners have is finding reliable dog boarding in Chicago when going on vacation. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in this type of care, and can ensure that a dog’s needs are met when they are away from their family. While everyone has heard horror stores about dog boarding companies that provide inadequate care, it is possible to find a quality boarding clinic that will treat the dog with respect and love. Below are a few things to research before entrusting a company with a canine companion.

Daily Activities

A boarding clinic should provide a wide range of activities to keep a dog busy during the day. From agility training to group play time, encouraging socialization and fun can help a dog fend off any depression they may be experiencing as a result of the separation. Some boarding companies also provide agility training, which can help a pet learn new skills while their owner is away.

One-On-One Time

While some dogs will be content with only group interaction, it is also important for there to be limited times of one-on-one interaction. This can provide comfort, and ease the stress the dog experiences during its stay. Most will conduct training and basic walks to help a dog feel safe and loved while their family cannot be present. Ask about the companies policies, and what type of attention a pet can expect before boarding an animal.

Overnight Staff

A lot can happen during the night time hours, and it is a good idea for someone to be present in case a dog becomes ill. An overnight staff person can also relieve anxiety for the pet, and make their stay less stressful. Overnight staff are also good for puppies, as they may require more frequent restroom outings.

Make the process of finding Dog Boarding in Chicago easy by researching the facilities in the area before making a decision on which one will provide the most compassionate care. The quality, caring staff at Chicago Canine Academy provides personalized boarding options that will make any dog feel at home. Call them today or visit to learn more, and take away the heartache of leaving a furry family member behind during vacations.

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