When shoppers want to purchase Diamond Jewelry in Sturbridge MA, they have many different things to consider. Despite the popularity of diamond jewelry and its constant presence in our society, picking the right diamond is not as easy as many people might assume. There are the sizes and styles to think about and, obviously, the price. Also to be taken into consideration are the four Cs of jewelry, which are color, clarity, carat, and the cut.

With all of that to consider, imagine the added pressure when a shopper is trying to purchase a diamond engagement ring. The first thing a shopper should do is ask their jeweler if they are trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America. By finding a jeweler aligned with the GIA, shoppers know their purchase will conform to the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism. Diamonds are some of the oldest items on the earth, with some being over a billion years old so, obviously, it is imperative to find a gemologist who is educated on these stones. Cormier Jewelers has had three generations serving central Massachusetts for decades at multiple locations, offering the finest selection of diamond jewelry.

Often, shoppers will want to buy Diamond Jewelry in Sturbridge MA but then have other needs. They should find a jeweler that offers a thirty-day money back return policy. They should also insist on getting a guarantee on purchases of at least a full year.

Perhaps it is a repair they are in need of. In that case, they should deal with a jeweler having diamond setters and goldsmiths on the premises. This way, they know their broken items can be repaired and refurbished in a timely and professional manner. They should also make sure that repairs are completed within five days, if not sooner, and include a one-year guarantee.

Finally, shoppers should find a jeweler with a strong website. A visit to  lets them take a look at various loose diamonds and to select from over 100,000 diamonds. If shoppers need help, there is assistance available via telephone during normal business hours.

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