Frac pumps are designed to operate for several hours to push large volumes of harsh fluid that consists of solid content. When it comes to selecting a pump, you want to ensure it will operate properly and with consistency to prevent production from being disrupted within your company. That is why it is important to select the right company to purchase your frac pump plungers from. With the right manufacturer, you can reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs required for your equipment. They can assist in producing the pumps you can rely on to withstand the wear and tear the components take from their daily use.

Proper Coating Technique is Key

The type of coating that is used on frac pump plungers can affect how the part operates. If the component is not properly coated, it can result in the part wearing down long before it should. This can be costly to your company when you need to frequently replace the part. When searching for a manufacturer to purchase from, you should consider their coating process and if the coating is designed to help prevent extreme scratching to the component. With the right thermal spray, it can extend the life of the plunger to ensure it continuously performs effectively.

Save Cost on a Dependable Product

DH Pump & Supply understands the importance of having access to high-quality and durable frac pumps. They use the latest technology and technique available to create plungers that are designed to withstand the extreme pressure they are put through. From the grinding process to coating, they offer the cost-effective solution you are looking for. They improve the performance of your pumps by creating quality parts you can rely on to keep your equipment operating efficiently.

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