Imagine, you are in the thick of battle during your war game, thoroughly enjoying yourself and at peak performance levels when suddenly and without any inkling, your airsoft gun stops working! This would be a very disappointing letdown for you and your team mates, and may result in your team losing the game.

Broken Down Gun

Maybe your trigger got jammed or your ammunition got stuck in your magazine or your hand grip cracked, and your gun is not going to fire until the part is replaced. You will need to check for OEM replacement parts so your gun can be fixed and get working like it was originally manufactured to.

Spare Parts

When replacement parts are shipped from the factory that manufactures the Airsoft guns, then the parts are OEM or “original equipment manufacturer” parts. If your airsoft gun has broken down for some reason or has worn out, then you will be looking for OEM replacement parts to get the gun back to working condition.

Sometimes you find that you are in a habit of being a little rough on a specific part of your airsoft gun and it breaks frequently, for example your handgrip. A solution would be to carry an extra detachable hand grip to your game venue so you can quickly replace it and carry on with your game.

If you have done any detachable upgrade on your airsoft gun, then ensure you carry this part to your game. You may have added a tracer unit or a bayonet to your gun, for example, and you want to use it in your war game.

Your Supplier

You will find all the OEM replacement parts that you need for your airsoft gun as part of the inventory at Airsoft GI. They carry a wide selection of Airsoft weapons, gear and replacement parts for your Airsoft equipment and also do repairs. They have three locations throughout the U.S. to serve you and you can always check out their web page or call at 909 869-0671, Monday – Friday, from 9AM to 5PM.

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